Passport Reader

e-Passport compatible

Full-page Multi-illumination ID Document Reader


OCR640 Desktop

The OCR640 desktop is a full-page multi-illumination ePassport reader. It captures ultraviolet and infrared images, as well the full page of a passport in colour. In a simultaneous single action the reader also decodes the machine readable zone (MRZ) and processes eData, including the holder’s image, from the chip.

Passport reader at airport deskThe OCR640 automatically detects when a document with machine readable data has been presented. Additionally, it is able to compensate for out-of-position MRZ data, so that the advanced recognition engine reliably provides highly accurate and very fast document reading capability, allowing large volumes of documents and smart cards to be processed quickly and efficiently.

The unit features blue, amber, green and red LED lights to keep the user informed of statuses from ready to scan through to processing and successful scan, or that there is an issue with the document. A programmable audio beep provides additional user feedback to confirm successful scans.

The OCR640 has a compact body design and a variety of hood designs. Furthermore, its robust, rugged, quality-assured UK manufacture enables it to withstand years of heavy duty frontline use.



Read passports, ePassport and eID cards and visas

Full page capture and chip read in a single action

Full-page capture in colour, greyscale & UV

Read a wide variety of OCR data, including all passports, ID cards and visas conforming to ICAO 9303

Fast, accurate and reliable

Instant audio beep feedback to confirm successful data capture

Robust, compact, low profile design

Small footprint

Variety of hood designs available



Building societies

Credit unions

Trust companies

Mortgage companies

Financial and trading institutions